Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year

Usually this would be the time for me to be writing down my New Year's resolutions but since I rarely give any of them a second thought after mid January I've decided not to bother at all this year. Also, being pregnant I can't do any of the fun stuff I usually feel obliged to give up every January anyway (you know, ciggies, booze, feasting on delicious food, the usual sort of thing... sob...) so frankly it would be an even bigger, fatter waste of time than it usually is.

Thus I resolve to make no resolutions whatsover. I shall remain as  cr*ap as I usually am but unapologetically so - meaning I have no added reason to feel more guilty about said cr*pness. Now there's a cause for celebration!

Happy New Year y'all.


Anonymous said...

Sounds as though you are hungover - Scrooge!

YLM said...

hungover? I wish!!! Sadly I am on an enforced alcoholic break (bar a few sneaky sips here and there) until the end of June.... sigh.