Thursday, October 08, 2009

Bad mommy

Still can't find that damned cat. Kids are not speaking to me and have announced an all-out homework strike until pathetic fluffy skinny thing is located.

Have tried to lie through my teeth that kitten is having a happy time doing cute kitten things with its mummy and siblings. No dice. 

Explained that someone else has probably found it (someone who doesn't already have three psychotic felines and a hotline to the local vet) and is lavishing it with care and devotion, not to mention providing kitten treats and catnip on tap. Firstborn just rolled her eyes at me while the Small(er) One did a surprisingly good impression of a sneer.

Have tried bribery. The Small(er) One nearly broke under the temptation of unlimited Walnut Whips and Bounty Bars but Firstborn intervened. That child is destined to be the next Arthur Scargill, no doubt about it.

Peace is currently AWOL at our house with no immediate hope of return. How on earth do you negotiate with a 7 year old and her junior accomplice without a decent bargaining chip? 


Anonymous said...

Have you told them about FLEAS!!! Cats, even cute little kitten cats, have them in abundance and they bite humans, even cute little girly ones. Tell your kids that your present cats need flea collars and that any new cats would infect them all further. Tell them about HOPPING fleas in their beds. Let them sneer then. By the way - who is cat tray monitor this week. Think I can guess, Bad Mommy!

YLM said...

Hmm, that could work. Yup, always the cat tray monitor. Needs to be some changes around here!

David said...

Stray cats are really unhealthy to have in the house. Don't give in to blackmail by your kids.

tagskie said...

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Sushil Kumar said...

stray cats cause lots of bad smell and are not good to keep them in house.

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