Sunday, September 27, 2009

Excuses, excuses

Things my kids have said in the past week in a futile attempt to get out of trouble:

1. "But I can't help being badly behaved, Mummy. God made me this way."

2. "I'm allergic to sugar and it makes me naughty. That's why I hit her."

3. "The invisible man did it."

4. "It's not broken, Mummy. So I didn't drop it, see?" (Said despite the evidence being in pieces over the kitchen floor and clear for all to see.)

5. "I think you must have been dreaming, Mummy." (Said despite trangression having taken place right in front of me one short minute before.)

I'll say one thing for my kids, they are both in possession of a very fertile imagination.


Anonymous said...

Must be genetic. Discard the naughty step and get tough. Spend their inheritance on a strict nanny!

YLM said...

Thanks for the advice Anon (is that you Mum??)