Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Connie, The Torturer

Spent 8 minutes this morning having my eyebrows shaped. Yes, I am aware how ridiculous this is. That a decent pair of tweezers and a steady hand can do the same thing and for $30 less.

But there’s the rub. I don’t have a steady pair of hands – nor do I trust my visual abilities to know if I’ve done the trick or not. When I started seeing Connie two years ago, my fascist technician, she fairly yelled at me for the destruction I had brought on my face.

“This is too short. This is too skinny. You cannot touch your eyebrows ever again. Do you see this?”

But of course, that’s the point. I didn’t. I guess I thought my mishapened arches were holding up my face just fine. Although, of course, I suspected they weren’t anymore — which is why I handed them over to the furious, immensely skilled hands of Connie. She cuts. She waxes. She tweezes. It’s terrible – and terrific.

Now I like to believe my eyebrows could hold their own against any others. They’re arched. They’re long. They’re full – but not too full. In short, they’re better than anything my sad little silver tweezer had accomplished ever since I picked her up that first day in graduate school. (And yep, I still have the same one.)

So yes, I like to believe that my bi-monthly (every 8 weeks) visits are critical to my well-being. To my being able to hold my head up high and say, “Oh yes. I know my eyebrows are glorious. I know you’re loving them……Just don’t look at my hair.” 

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YLM said...

Mama, remind me to tell you one day about the sadistic eyebrow threader who pinned me back in the chair and violated my eyebrows. Yes, they looked great afterwards but was the pain worth it?? NO!! xxx