Monday, June 15, 2009

I seem to have managed to delete all the comments we got from my last post. Due to my rage of crossness upon finding ridiculous spam posts (Natasha, I DO NOT want to see you naked), I deleted the lot by mistake. Oops. Genuine posters, keep 'em coming. Spammers, b*gger off.
Anyway, I've started painting again and am in a frenzy. Here's one I've almost completed and another I've just started. You don't have to like them - I just wanted to express how proud of myself I am for having put a paintbrush to canvas again after so many years... it's something I've been talking about for a long time.

Onwards and upwards.


Anonymous said...

The lady with the bobbed hair looks like Dora Carrington (artist). Both are very good - they have a naive and haunting quality. Still and deep. Lovely.

Kim Hong said...

very impressive! oil or acrylic?

YLM said...

Hi Kim, acrylic - oil is too much like hard work! Planning on learning to screen print as well in the autumn, something lovely to look forward to.

Anon - thank you.