Friday, May 08, 2009

The Tooth Fairy Pays How Much?

Losing teeth is a major conversation topic in our house right now. This is because my 6-and-a-half-year-old daughter has not lost any yet, despite nearly all of her friends proudly sporting holes in their mouth.

Assuming that at some point these baby teeth will depart (the front one is possibly wiggling, according to The Rabbit) I have started asking parents what the going rate is for the tooth fairy. Now when I was little (cue the squeaking rocking chair), I firmly remember getting a silver dollar for each tooth. And I felt at the time that was sizeable.

Of course I assumed inflation would play some part in what today’s pay scale, but I had no idea by how much. Grab yourself a seat in your own rocker and read on.

A child at her school got $20 for the first tooth. (And yes, this was verified with the mother.) Another got just $5 — of course that came along with a new Wii title as a bonus. (And I was assured she got $3 from then on. Right.) But $5? For a first tooth? How about for every tooth — that’s what another little girl I know is getting.

Other moms I know had given their kids gifts as well. Had the Tooth Fairy turned in Santa somewhere and I missed the news release? Because apparently everyone now gives a gift with the loss of the first tooth — like some sort of Communion or Bat Mitzvah event. I get celebrating the transition into adulthood — it just feels a bit odd, to me, to exchange a body part for a present.

Luckily The Rabbit has yet to glean any of this. Her biggest worry is if she’ll even get to see the Tooth Fairy. She’s already built a little bed, and has plans to write the magical creature a card when she comes to visit. I think the idea that a fairy is going to wing down while she sleeps is far more thrilling than the idea of any financial reward. But then again, she has yet to dig into her piggy bank for any real purchases.

For me? I know firmly that silver dollars are going to be our tooth fairy’s payment of choice — along with some tiny flowers from her garden and maybe even some pixie dust footprints. I suppose that’s a gift. But I like to think I’m gifting The Rabbit more for her imagination — rather than a sawbuck for a Sponge Bob game.


Anonymous said...

My tooth fairy came with kisses and left me freckles. I still have them on a sunny day.

Eddie Storms said...

Teeth are getting more and more expensive these days, huh? I keenly remember that I only got one dollar for each tooth I lost when I was young. Well, it depends on your discretion, so just weigh things well. I wonder if the tooth fairies here in Atlanta accept dental implants? And if ever they do, how much would they cost? It would be a LOT of money for sure. Ha ha!