Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Home-alone Mama makes some mid-year resolutions

Now I have these huge swathes of time available to me in between the school runs, here's what I plan to do:

1. Blog more often (er, yes, I know this is a promise I make on a regular basis, but now I have no excuse not to)
2. Learn Arabic (as predicted, the teach-yourself-Arabic book that I bought before Christmas is still in it's wrapper, untouched...)
3. Meet hordes of intelligent, funny, independent and hopefully sarcastic women and persuade them to hang out with me... I need some girlfriends this side of the world or I'm going to have to start talking to the cat
4. Do some exercise (ugh... but starting to become necessary as it's all heading south; got to face up to the fact that youth is no longer on my side)
5. Start to paint again. I unearthed my old art folder recently and some of it was fairly decent, need to get back in the flow
6. Do all the boring things, like sorting out all the stuff that has been sitting in Everest-like piles waiting to be filed away and organised
7. Pluck my eyebrows, get a wax, do something about my hobbit feet, get a facial to try and smooth out some of the crinkles, get rid of my greys (does anyone else have silver eyebrow hairs, or is it just me??) - yes, I need to get into the whole grooming thing. Like I said, youth is no longer on my side

Watch this space.


Cult Diva said...

As a matter of fact we have many of the same goals. I have not one, but two Arabic learning programs on CD and so far can say "Shwaya" with confidence. I have been blogging regularly. I used to pluck the silver brow hairs, but I started to look odd and unbalanced. As far as your goal for number seven, check back with me. I am starting a boot camp this summer called "No Bitch Left Behind" where we will work on prettifying ourselves and drinking heavily out on the back porch.

YLM said...

Salaam Diva,

Sign me up for Bitch boot camp, I'm all over it. Especially the drinking.