Thursday, January 08, 2009

While The Prince is away....

The Mama will:

1. Re-organize the front closet.
2. Put away Christmas presents and wrapping and cards and....
3. Go to sleep at a proper hour. (Which is not 1 am after staying up to watch "Resident Evil:Extinction" Yes, quite aware that "Resident Evil" does not quite count as a "film.")
4. Pull paint chips to finally paint the livingroom. Four years after we moved.
5. Get started on new script. (I'd be doomed with my writing coach and his crack the whip deadlines....)
6. Pitch. A lot.
7. Book an eyebrow appointment. And keep it.
8. Not eat dinner at 9:30 pm. (But do carrots and hummus at 6:30 count?)
9. Did I mention getting some sleep?
10. And

There are also 15 other things on the list (resolutions and goals for the New Year which I firmly believe one can tweak and create all through January, writing in The Rabbit's baby book which has a fine layer of dust since I last cracked it, trying to organize the storage locker....) but with The Prince gone just 4 days I suspect some of those may give way to a few baths and another movie. Or two. "Final Draft" is on Showtime tonight. I'm a sucker.

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