Thursday, January 29, 2009

Primping For Yoga

I recently started taking a yoga class again -- hello body. Remember me?
My reluctance in the past was tied to having to travel anywhere -- time I felt cut severely into my already compressed work day. But then my neighbor introduced me to a studio down the street - an 8 minute walk each way. I can handle that.

But here's the main time problem -- the 30 minutes before class I spend primping. No, I am not trying to spruce up for the teacher (a woman) nor the few people "ommm"-ing with me. What happens is more like this:

1. Find yoga pants. Put them on.
2. Become aware that I haven't shaved legs since last week's class.
3. Shave.
4. Nick myself.
5. Try to staunch bleeding without leaving little red bumps on legs.
6. Fail.
7. Notice red nail polish chipped on toes.
8. Remove polish.
9. See stains on toes left.
10. Try to re-polish quickly.
11. Fail.
12. Sigh and try to ignore.
13. Spot hideous callous on heels.
14. Try, unsuccessfully, to scrub said callouses in 30 seconds away.
15. Fail.
16. Slather everything with Vaseline and run for door.

Is it me, or does everything in life prompt the creation of another to-do list?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Simple answer MM - YES!
We need our lists or we would be in limbo.