Monday, January 26, 2009

Leaving On a Jet Plane

As YLM begins her departure to the land of heat and sand, I can only fantasize about taking off for warmer parts.

Frankly, I am cold. And while I am normally thrilled by the advent of winter, this time around I am not enjoying that frosty chill quite as much. My hands are dry. My feet are dry. Nose, hair, skin - dry. And yes, I am well acquainted with that product called moisturizer.

Worst? The weather has parched my good nature from me in the last few days. I truly wanted to start this year off amid a bevy of good humor and positivity. But I'm finding great quantities of caffeine necessary to scaffold that plan. (And yes, aware that caffeine is ALSO a dehydrator!)

So what's a mama to do? Mama's hanging tight. I bought some flowering branches, potted some bulbs, bought some pink fluffy socks, and painted the nails red. I'm meeting these winter blues head on. What are you all doing to dust the snow from your soul?

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