Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kill Them With Kindness

Okay here's my thought:

I know I'm supposed to kill my detractors with kindness. Not a bad plan. And for months I've been doing just that in my little village. Smiling at the, well yes, any and all (s)mothers who maybe had a little jab here and a bit of a snark there.

Somehow I remembered my high school days, tilted up my chin and beamed a smile at every one of their heads. And it works. Give a smile. Get a smile.

But you know what? It's frankly exhausting. Sometimes, Mama just wants to pull a baseball cap over her head and furrow her way through the day. Sometimes, I don't want to beam butterflies and posies. Sometimes I just want to beam: "Mama hasn't had enough caffeine today. So stand back. The smiling factory is closed."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you have seen sense, MM. Don't exhaust yourself being NICE. And DON'T get MAD, get EVEN. Caricature your detractors with journalistic wit and banter - what fun - and lucrative.