Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dubai doubts

I've had a while to think about going to Dubai - well, a month - and I'm not entirely sure what I feel about it. Half of me is excited about the potential opportunity and all the benefits (see below) while the other half feels like a wallflower at a school dance, decidedly out of my depth and worried about fitting in.

Here's the good stuff:
  • Daily sunshine and swimming
  • A live-in maid (Alpha's trump card when I initially baulked at the idea)
  • School fees paid for by Alpha's new employer (something we could never afford to pay for on our own)
  • The chance to learn a new language
  • The chance to meet lots of new people (hopefully nice ones)
  • The opportunity to take my career in a new direction (I'll be setting up a branch of my PR company over there - if all goes to plan)
  • Lots of new material for the blog!!

And the iffy stuff:

  • The heat and humidity during the summer months is unbearable
  • Dubai is a bit of a weird place, imagine Disneyland mixed with Milton Keynes...
  • What if we don't meet anyone nice? What if other Dubai ex-pats yada yada all the time about how much money they have and the gold trim they've had custom-fitted in the loos of their latest mega-yatch? Arggh.
  • You have to get a special permit to drink alcohol at home (eek)
  • The kids will probably end up with funny accents and start behaving like spoilt brats
  • What will I do without my monthly blitz at TK Maxx??
  • What if nobody comes out to visit us? (gloom)


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Anonymous said...

Wow lady, I wish I had your problems...