Sunday, January 18, 2009

And here's to sunshine every day...

Here's my big news.

Alpha, rugrats and I are upping sticks and heading off to Dubai on 29th January. Yes, that's right, the 29th January. Less than two weeks away. And just in case you're jumping to any conclusions, it's not a holiday - we're going for a full three years.

We've known since before Christmas but I couldn't put it out there until now as there were so many offline people who had to be told first. After all, it wouldn't have been kind for non-virtual friends/ clients/ etc to hear about such a big life change on the blog (some of them claim to read Mothers), would it? I gave you all a wee clue, though, with my New Year's Resolutions, in my plan to learn Arabic.

So Yummy London Mummy and clan are about to undergo a new incarnation. Watch this space.


Anonymous said...


Come home again in 3 years time.

London needs you.

YLM said...

Thank you Anon! I'll probably look like an old leather handbag by then though from all that scorching sun. sigh. life is hard, isn't it??