Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Welcome to 2009

Thank the Lordy 2008 is over, what a rubbish year.

I always resolve to not make any New Year's resolutions but yet again the temptation is too strong.

Here goes....
  1. I will learn to say "no". My days as a total sap are over - instead I resolve to be outwardly selfish like everyone else rather than agree to do things I don't want to do, which invariably results in my spending the next week inwardly fuming and hating everyone involved
  2. I will have a facial/ pedicure/ other essential grooming thing at least once per month. Then there's no excuse for looking like a hag
  3. I will be nicer to Alpha and let him have a lie-in at least once a month (rather than once in a blue moon)
  4. I will get myself in training for next Christmas' Trivial Pursuit challenge from January onwards to avoid feeling like an ill-educated fool next year
  5. I will do the laundry on a regular basis rather than when the pile of fetid garments piled up in the corner gets so high I can't see the kitchen
  6. I will blog more often
  7. I will try to feel less guilty about things I have no control over
  8. I will make more of an effort to do homework with the kids
  9. I wil try to take up some form of exercise in a (possibly futile) attempt to delay the inevitable onset of the Dreaded Sag
  10. I will learn to speak Arabic

Happy New Year!!!

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Anonymous said...

Advice YLM CHILL!!! New Year/New Start/No Way. We are what we are. So don't say NO and have everyone hate you. Say One Wishes One Could Do More and look concerned. What a LOVELY person you are. Bless.