Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Holidays Are Upon Us. Run.

Not going to be able to really post much right now. (And I will refrain from tsking YLM..!)
Just too much chaos. How much?

1. Hosted 75 people at our home last weekend
2. Baked 850 cookies for said event (truly)
3. Hosting 36 children this Saturday for The Rabbit's birthday
4. Hosting parents who are sleeping on the air mattress in my livingroom/office right now.
5. Baking 48 cupcakes for birthday event at school. Today.
6. Taking Rabbit from school event to Rockettes this evening. (Yes, bringing aspirin for moi.)
7. Making candy for gifts to be mailed for holidays (if my head doesn't pop off)
8. Oh yes. And working.

And so my dear friends, I shall remain silent again until probably Monday when the house is empty, The Rabbit is at school, The Prince is at work and I am solo with my computer and 1 apot of dear dear coffee all to myself. Then, I will download and reflect on how I managed to eliminate the word "No" from my vocabulary yet again.

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Susanna (A Modern Mother) said...

I know the feeling. It all sort of closes in. Love the list!