Friday, November 21, 2008

The Wii Fit

So I think I'm developing a Wii Fit injury. (Yes, I am quite aware of how pathetic this sounds.)

Backup a bit and I'll explain that the device was a birthday present from The Prince's parents. Backup more and you'll know that he told them to buy it for me. Because guess who really wanted it...right. However, it is fun. Definitely fun. But since I've been sitting here at my desk writing for 6 years and watching my nether regions start to fall like some over-risen pizza dough, I've been launching into the actual exercises the device offers.

They're hard.

Okay, see? I admitted it. I'm so out of shape that the Wii fit is knocking me back.

The worst though? The games, like downhill skiing and snowboarding, keep you forward on your feet. And those cranky joints, used to laying around chilling under my desk, have woken up and bitten me back.

That's not keeping me off the board. Too much fun for now. And even the thought that I might be tightening something is a good thought. Now if I can just layoff the lollipops all might suck back into to their rightful places.

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Ms. Virus said...

I've been thinking about getting a Wiii for exactly the same reason....well, that and and playing Animal Crossing cause I don't have enough unreality in my life.

If you got Animal Crossing we could meet and go fishing together. Sounds like fun! :)