Saturday, November 29, 2008

This has been a CRAZY week.

The kids and I whisked Alpha off last weekend for a mini-holiday to Dubai. Initially I wasn't all that impressed - too new, shiny and majorly WAGtastic (especially when I bumped into super-WAG Alex Curran dressed to kill in Starbucks) - but as we explored the place started to grow on me, mainly because of the fascinating mix of different cultures all shoved into one place.

I'll elaborate at a later stage because right now I feel as if I'm about to pop with exhaustion. The new company is going incredibly well and I have a mix of very lovely clients, but with a press trip to Oman coming up next week and lots of deadlines all coming in at once, sleep has been a luxury over the past few days.

So I'm off to bed right now, with the promise of less blog truancy on my part over the next couple of weeks.


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