Friday, November 14, 2008

My Daughter, The Revolter

My life has become a walking petri dish. Between the exposure to lice and pink eye (just this week), The Rabbit knocked this one out last night.

"I have a secret."
(Really not good words to hear from your child after finding out her class is infested again with lice.)
"Okay. Tell me."
"You can't get mad."
(Too late.)
"Okay. I won't"
(Sigh) "I promise."
"You don't break your promises. Remember?"
"Rabbit. Just tell me."
"Remember when you told me not to jump in those leaves? When we were walking home? Because there was poop?"
(eyes rolling into back of head now.)
"Because I was wearing my new boots. Remember?"
"Where are the boots."
"You said you wouldn't get mad!"
(running to room)
"Where are they!"
"That's not fair! I'm not telling!"
(stopping) "Okay. I'm not mad."
(not believing me)
"Not mad. Where. Are. They."
(follow her to my room to my hamper.)
"Oh no."
"But I put them in the dirty clothes!"


YLM said...

We all remember the joy of Autumn leaves, don't we? But one question, did dogs NOT poop sneakily under piles of the lovely crinkly stuff during our childhoods? Because I swear I jumped in huge piles of leaves on a daily basis as a child and the shoe-poop scenario never happened. Was I lucky, or is this just another way in which 21st Century childhood really sucks? I think we need to know.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it wonderful how children think that all summer days are gloriously sunny, all winter days are gloriously snowy, mothers are always gloriously baking, fathers are all gloriously jolly...or whatever rocks your boat in that dreamy zone of hindsight?
21st Century childhood might suck in many ways but dogs have pooped in leaves since the Ark and children (and others) have stepped in it.
Yes, YLM, you were lucky - you are in denial re your mother cursing as she dug the poop out of the soles of your cute little Startrites after she had begged you not to walk in the leaves and then run through the house. But God works in mysterious ways. What goes around comes around.

Laura Lazar Kearns said...


Sounded like a conversation between myself and my 7 yr old!