Tuesday, November 18, 2008

MM, thanks for the vote of confidence.

I am simply too tired to throw anything at you so you're quite safe. This is another Champix side effect resulting from my now chronic insomnia. It was quite fun at first, staying up into the early hours with everyone else snoring in bed - not to mention useful as I've been ploughing through work like a thing possessed. But the fun is over and I'm now going through an odd shattered-but-still-wide-awake phase which gives me the zest and vigour of a zombie. A very strange sensation.

Other symptoms? Sporadic rage and flatulence. Not necessarily in that order.

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sweetpeabart said...

You're undertaking a major feat with the quitting smoking business. Nicotine is the MOST addictive substance...more so than cocaine, yes???

Make sure you reward yourself each week, or even after a tough day!

We're all pulling for ya!