Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just Say No

First, thank you everyone for indulging my Gettysburg Address fetish. Because it is. I covet that speech. And have actually spent the last 3 months trying to memorize it. Okay, one or two times I've sat for 5 minutes and tried to memorize it. But anyway. Yes, I'm completely aware this makes me a geek.

But my main point tonight is to say that it's turning cold in New York which of course means it's time for me to go insane with planning parties, making cookies, cards, and other such nonsense that I actually adore. But here's the deal. This year I actually decided to make some limits. "What!" I hear all of you mouthing. "Manhattan Mama saying No?!?!?" That would be a big uh huh. Because I realized that saying to yes to everything does not make everyone like you. I'm just going to write that again so it even sinks in to me:


What it actually does is make your husband stay out late to avoid you, makes your daughter cry when you ignore her, and makes your hair turn even more grey.

So what have I said no to? In the past 3 days?

1. Baking 2 dozen cookies between my Christmas party and Christmas Day for a fundraiser at school.
2. Being secretary on the School Leadership Team where I was just elected to serve. (Don't start.)
3. Having Thanksgiving at a stranger's house, uptown, when I just want to make a turkey at home for the 3 of us.
4. Calling my parents back when it was not a good time for me.
5. Sending chocolate milk everyday to school in The Rabbit's lunch.

And while some of this was small, some were very very hard for me to do actually. And can't say I'm not squirming. But you know what? It's got to be better than the alternative. Right? Right? R-i-g-h-t????


devilish southern belle said...

In addition to the points you made, saying yes to more things only gives me more balls to drop, so to speak, and more chances for more people to get upset with me. Kudos to you for saying no!

Manhattan Mama said...

Thank you devilish! (and so good to see you!)