Monday, November 17, 2008

Enquiring Minds Want To Know...

Here's the deal. I've never smoked. (Don't bite my head off YLM!)

But, my parents were chimneys from the day I was born until well into college. As such I consider my lungs not my greatest asset. And I know this because I've never really been able to run more than 3 minutes without wheezing and feeling like I was going to pass out. Even The Prince finds it repulsive to hear my hacking behind him.

So when my father had quadruple bypass at the age of 52 (yep.) the two of them stopped cold turkey. And life was not pleasant in their suburban home for a bit. Two people on nicotine withdrawal is apparently an atomic explosion. It was horrible, and my mother still has an unopened pack of Kent's in the back of a kitchen cupboard. Just in case.

And so, while I know YLM is going to hit me full strength, I needed to add a post to say I am so pulling for you. And I know right now you want to whack me in the head with everything in the flat. But I'm so psyched. So heap all the abuse you want in my direction. Implode on the blog. We'll read it. And we'll keep cheering.

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