Friday, November 14, 2008


Following on from the realisation that my lungs are filthy and if I don't give up the smokes soon I face a life of wheezing at best, off I trotted to see the charming Dr T.

Dr T, who's charming by virtue of the fact that he's less jaded than the other doctors in the surgery (in other words, he treats patients as if they're human beings with a right to NHS services rather than annoying fraudsters trying to gain sympathy for imaginary illnesses) promptly put me on potentially habit-forming drugs to get me off the evil weed. Something doesn't feel quite right about this but since I'm so pathetically grateful to have a doctor who's willing to give me more than two seconds of his precious time, I have acquiesced to his demands.

Anyway, this wonder drug is called Champix and promises to have me merrily chucking my smokes in the bin in no time. Or it will if I can get past the possible side effects, the highlights being abnormal dreams, nausea, flatulence, snoring, chest infection, mood swings, panic, difficulty thinking, tremors, restlessness, heart rhythm disturbances, dilated pupils, ringing in the ears, belching, acne, increased sweating, increased volume and frequency of urine, and changes in sex drive and ability.

I'll let you know how I get on, shall I?


divrchk said...

I think it's called Chantix|166373525|0 . My friend took this and it worked but she had crazy sex dreams about her ex boyfriend.

YLM said...

Hi Divrchk - nope, it's def Champix. Just checked the pack in case but that's what it says (unless it's messed up my eyesight as well as everything else, highly possible).

Glad it worked, but think I will pass on the crazy sex dreams about ex boyfriend (they are ex with very good reason!)