Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Are We Dulling Our Kids?

While The Rabbit is not the worst foot-dragger in terms of attacking homework, it's still not pleasant. And why should it be? After 6 hours at school, she comes home for a quick snack and another hour at the desk making change on paper, and writing book reports. She's 5.

There's an interesting story today on MSNBC about how lack of playtime can hurt our kids.

I get it that it's a different world today. I understand that between No Child Left Behind and the competition that's overtaken the city schools she and I have almost no choice but to engage in some of this rote work. But I can't help but remember my 1st and 2nd and even 3rd grade years: We made dinosaurs out of clay. Held a garter snake. Built a city from milk cartons. Made tacos for Cinco de Mayo. And painted flowers. A lot of flowers.

I don't remember writing words 4 times a day to learn them. Don't remember 3 sheets of math homework a night. And certainly don't remember screaming at my mother that I just wanted to play with my toys. Not when I was 5.

I hope The Rabbit doesn't remember this either.

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Anonymous said...

5 year old children should not have homework. After a full day at school, they need to come home, relax, chat to mother/minder, play...they don't need a crazy social life either. They are learning constantly anyway. That walk through the park on the way home from school can be magical, calling in at the local Deli for a tea-time treat wonderful, feeding the household pet rewarding...We are in danger of producing a generation of sad, overly competative, robotic drones instead of happy, loving, imaginative people. Hard to get the work/play balance right these days.