Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More Smother Stupidity

I REALLY need some feedback on this people:

So long-time readers may remember I started a Halloween event in our building four years ago. Last year, two people conspired to remove me from the steering committee. (How? You ask? By having meetings and not including me...) This year this same thing has happened.

So here's my confusion:

This insanely stupid, and may I say, hurtful, junior high school thump has been hit on me -- and there are no ramifications against these mothers for their actions. No one seems to care. Beyond me. (Yes, I am quite aware of how pathetic I sound...there's the problem...right?)

So -- I know what I am supposed to do: Ignore it and just go on. Isn't that what I tell the Rabbit over and over again? But the truth is I don't even want The Rabbit playing with the kids of these smothers. Because, I have to admit - I am fried from dealing with these parents.

I adore spending time with my daughter and my husband. Socializing with a few dear friends. But this foray into the social smotherhood is just plain exhausting. Four years of this now. And dang, it just won't end. Looks like I may need to come up with a few new rules. For moi.


Anonymous said...

I can see that you are hurting. Exclusion of any kind hurts, doesn't it? Groups can be cruel. Nobody thought to explain to you why you were excluded? My next question has to be - why would you want to be part of this group of petty, discourteous, 'pit bulls in lipstick' smothers?
I think that you have had a lucky escape. Let Rabbit play with these children of smothers if she must. But for you - walk on and find time for your real friends.

Anonymous said...

It's just plain mean and inconsiderate. Don't those parents take tips from the social skills their kids should be learning in school. Losers...

sweetpeabart said...

I have a friend who says that adult life is just like high school all over again. Another friend says that adults are sposed to leave all that high school stuff back in high school. Maybe adult life is somewhere in the middle of these two perspectives....

Your situation is yucky. You just gotta figure out how to take the high road and remain respectable...even if THEY haven't remained respectable. It is a small grieiving process, but makes you stronger!!

I agree with anonymous...why even be associated with these people?

Manhattan Mama said...

Thank you anon and Sweetpeabart for your thoughts -- I'm holding my own. Although I don't always believe you need to turn the other cheer the sake of The Rabbit, I think in this case, that's the wise road.