Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Evil Mama

Okay, I know I'm evil.

A friend of The Rabbit's got lice again. They found it tonight. The mama emailed me and asked if we still wanted the play date for tomorrow. And I

I hate myself HATE MYSELF for saying that. But I also just feel like I can't deal. I know it's not the little girl's fault, nor the mama's. Truthfully, I'd be happy for them to wait 24 hours and then they could play together. Plus I know that it's already at school, and The Rabbit is going to play with the little girl's just...ugh. Yes, I'm a completely evil evil evil mama. Really. This time I know I am.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Who wants lice running around the pillow? Perhaps other mama is the 'evil one' - enticing you in to share the horror while pretending to be the 'nice liberal one'. Sharing has its limits and you sensibly hit the bar.