Sunday, October 12, 2008

Catnip for kids

What is it about stickers? They're the equivalent of catnip for kids.

Firstborn is currently in a frenzy of shoutyness because I'm withholding the sticker stash (she's already managed to go through two packs this morning, surely enough for any child). Apparently I am "the meanest mummy in the world."

Excuse me for wanting to leave the house without another full set of High School Musical stickers being plastered all over me. A grinning Troy stuck to my butt is not my idea of a good look.

If I ever get to be King of the World stickers will be banned. Forever.



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Anonymous said...

Buy some football stickers and go crazy sticking them all over Firstborn's fave toys and school bag. Lest the fallout be atomic, arrange a night out with Alpha and let the nanny face the music.

YLM said...

Thanks Rich, will do.

Anon - this is the problem. Any kind of stickers makes them happy and if I put them on toys and school bags - hey kiddie nirvana! Football stickers would be just another type of annoyance to scrape off my butt/ the walls/ every flat surface in our apartment. Might up my cred with the kids though...