Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Big Shout-out!

We are so late in this.

But we discovered that the lovely Betty at the Web-Betty Funhouse tagged us last week with a lovely "Love your Blog!" What a wonderful WONDERFUL thing to discover after our surprisingly unjoyous weekend. (See post yesterday. Or don't, because it's gross.)

So, Betty, we love you too!

And to pass along the love, we're sending our own shout-outs to 6 blogs we adore at Mother's as well....(And these are picked by us, and in alphabetical order so no feelings are slighted!)

1. DulwichMum — A mum after our own hearts..!

2. Give me the Booger — Because laughter is critical.

3. Life at 45 degrees — Oh. Because we've so been there.

4. The Secret Cave of the Sugar Mama - Because it's often a lovely way to wake up in the morning to this Mama's hilarious stories of her life.

5. Sharon Lovejoy — I discovered her gorgeous gardening books for children long before The Rabbit was born. I built a garden from her inspiration. She will make you KNOW there are fairies afoot.

6. SouleMama — Just click here and go. This is how I dream my life could be. Amanda Soule celebrates every nuance of life and in a way that makes you feel it's possible too.

So we hope you'll spend some quality coffee time with our favorite bloggers this morning. (Although, quite honestly, we have so000o many favorite bloggers we're going to have to do this again!)

And now off to regularly scheduled craziness and motherhood.


dulwichmum said...


I am touched. I may have to lie down. But first, let me offer you girls a drink. Would you like Chablis or shall I open some bubbles?

You are sooo kind. Mwah.


Sugarmama said...

How nice that I made your list! I'm especially honored to make a list that includes the lovely Soulemama (though obviously for different reasons). She's one of my favorites, too, as are you!

Manhattan Mama said...

DulwichMom -- Bubbles!!! Always bubbles...!
And sugarmama - but of course! After the slugfest, you were an automatic in...;)

dulwichmum said...

Oh Manhattan Mama,

Have the bottle, I am feeling so very happy. Will Krug hit the spot?

Manhattan Mama said...

Oh my...Even Veuve will do!

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Yikes, you really surrounded me with good companions in the Favorite blogs list. THANK YOU and Hurrah!

Green blessings to you and yours,

Sharon Lovejoy