Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Concrete Ceiling

Forget the glass ceiling. According to newly released results from the Equality and Human Rights Commission, women now face a concrete ceiling while trying to shin up the greasy corporate ladder. The latest figures show that ownership of a penis is essential for all those looking to hit the Business Big Time.

Actually, it's not just in business that having a fine set of balls really counts - the worlds of politics, the police force and the legal professions are just as admiring of the Y chromosome. The really worrying bit is that the drop in equality has taken place within the past five years, with the numbers really starting to fall in the past year.

Guess it really is a man's, man's world after all. Maybe we women need to get off our complacent butts and realise that the legacy our mothers left us wasn't enough after all. The big question is: what comes next in a so-called post-feminist world?


The Dotterel said...

And just look what a b#*lls-up they make of politics, the police and the legal profession (to say nothing of almost everything else.) Come on, women - the world needs you!

YLM said...

Totally with you on that, Dotts. We just need to breed more enlightened males like you and we'll be laughing all the way to the top.

That's the secret - indoctrinate the males of the species early enough and we'll be on to a winner... Bingo.