Thursday, August 28, 2008

My personal hell

Spent a hideous three hours in Peter Jones today to get the Small(er) One's new school uniform. Yes, I always leave it too late... the upshot is that at least she won't be going to school naked, but she will be going to school minus a tie, school badge and wearing a hat that's so small it has to be fixed on to the top of her head with bobby pins.

If only I could be one of those mothers who manages to buy everything BEFORE the only store that stocks the required uniform runs out of the essentials... but then that would probably make me a (s)mother. Guess I'll stick with the slummy mummy tag after all.

It could be a lot worse though. It could be that the Small(er) One wouldn't have to wear a school uniform at all. If this were to be the case then we'd have to cope with an impassioned What To Wear debate every single morning, as we have over the summer holidays. In fact, this daily debate quickly escalated to Changing Clothes At Least 15 Times Per Day - and preferably clothes that belong to other people (my Banana Republic cardigan worn backwards was a special favorite, teamed with Firstborn's Hello Kitty knickers).

I thought the obsession with clothes thing didn't kick in until the teenage years? Does this mean that it will only get WORSE???

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Kwame Oh said...

Yes the Peter Jones trip I can say was not the highlight of many a trip to Chelsea, We are into week two and my poor darling wonders why her parents have somehow not managed to sew on her school badge. Ah well will most probably wait till am pulled up at school gate by headmistress, wanting to know when I lost the use of my hands, or whether I had heard of a needle and thread.