Monday, August 04, 2008

Les Enfants Terribles

So, been in France for a week. Finally got internet and the relief is enormous, feel like a woman marooned on a desert island for a year just let loose in Selfridges with an unlimited credit account. And I thought my only addiction was nicotine. WRONG.

Alpha left to go back to London yesterday. Am suffering from the realisation that kids let loose on holiday in company of cousins and adoring grandparents equals diluted effect of mummy threats. Chaos reigns. Head is aching from sunup to sunset (if I could see it in the constant drizzle that is). Having an insight into what the rugrats are going to be like as teenagers. Not pretty. Am going to google boarding schools as a priority.

Am in very bad mood, intensified due to having just been told I don't have a hope in hell of sourcing cigarettes on Mondays as lazy frogs in region have day off. Am reduced to smoking father-in-law's pipe when he's not looking. Can't even look forward to 6pm glass of rose without ciggie in hand.

Addiction is a terrible thing.



CDJ said...

Sounds like you'll need a vacation from this vacation! Here's hoping you can find some stray cigs laying around to take the edge off.

YLM said...

You'd think the French, being so indulgent of the needs of body and soul, would understand the requirement for a 24-hour 'tabac' in every town and village. Or maybe they are simply more organised about their addictions than I am. I have now learned the hard way to bulk buy on Saturday to get me through the French 'weekend'... sigh