Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Itch

The Rabbit, having the first suntan of her tiny life, is itching as her skin, well, sheds.

No, I had no plan for her to tan while we visited friends last week. Yep, not a little evil parenting monster who thinks her child should soak up UVA and UVB rays to set off her sunkissed hair. That would be The Prince. But I digress.

So, The Rabbit, who has eczema, is discovering the joy of the AFTER effects of sun. What happens after she rubs her body in piles of sand (fun), making sun angels (gross, but okay, fun) and rubbing sand across her face (bizarre, gross, and not really sure how fun) and then having her father not decide that rubbing sandpaper across her skin just MIGHT wipe off the 2-inch think coating I had slathered on her before he declared himself her afternoon play date in the sun.

Last night I spent 2 hours with her in the middle of the night -- rubbing aloe vera, cortizone, vaseline and shea butter on to her skin. And then finally, when I realized that I would never sleep again, I gave her a dose of Motrin.

And I'm the bad mama.

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