Thursday, August 28, 2008

"I'm voting going to vote for who Mama votes for."

So, now with the Democratic convention underway, we're starting that deeply American tradition called the Presidential election.

How much do I hate this time? I'd rather watch pre-season football. From 1997.

No, not anti-American. Just have a really hard time stomaching one bad speech after another meant to rile what I like to believe are thoughtful, independent-thinking people into a herd mentality.

The Rabbit understands that something is going on about voting. She understands that mommy and daddy have not exactly agreed in recent months about something, but that things seem to be calming down. But now, as The Prince believes he's won the battle, he is trying to turn The Rabbit into his own little cheerleader.

Last night, after prompting her for a bit with some chanting and so forth, (while mama read quietly in the other room) I heard him ask her the following:

The Prince: "So, WHO are we going to vote for honey?"
A pause.
The Rabbit: "I'm going to vote for who Mama votes for."

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Good Girl!