Saturday, August 02, 2008

And....We're Off

A very needed (so needed you have no idea) escape starts tonight. I'm likely to be in radio silence for a few days as we're heading off to Big Sur.

I love this part of the universe, and can only barely wait until we're sleeping under the redwoods again. It's even more bittersweet this year as so much of the area was hurt by the fires. While the tourist sections seemed to survive fairly well, the owner of our very favorite place, Big Sur Bakery and Restaurant, lost his home from the inferno. We'll be there next week every morning - doing our part to help him back by drinking cappuccinos, eating mountains of ridiculously delicious baked goods, and kicking back while The Rabbit plays in the Garden Gallery next door. (We'll probably be there for at least a pizza or two at night as well!) If you see us, and figure out who we are, I'll buy you a latte on me!


Sugarmama said...

Big Sur is on my must-see list. One of these days...

Hope you all have a lovely time stuffing your faces with yummy baked goods!

YLM said...

Wish I was there with you. Have fun. YLM x