Monday, July 14, 2008

Tiny Little Holes

Okay -- my black T-shirts that I'd hoped would keep me through August are all sporting tiny little holes in them.


A result of horrible industrial strength washing machines in my building?
Laundry detergent (although I tend to use Dreft...)
Bugs???? (Which will FREAK me out. And I also thought they came in the winter.)



YLM said...

Moths? Is that better than bugs?

Layer with a diff coloured t-shirt or vest, then embrace those holes and call it a style statement!

Some clever bugger brought out a clothing line a few years ago, can't recall the name, which he rubbed in muck and shot holes in. They went like hot cakes so surely ...


Manhattan Mama said...

That's like JCrew's new line of painted jeans. For $300. And when I say painted I mean, like, The rabbit got mad and shot a can of white paint at my legs. And then I paid her $300.