Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The ultimate shopping fix?

Oh dear. I have found yet another excuse to postpone making the curtains for the nursery class Wendy House. The laundry mountain has (literally) hit the roof. The hem on Firstborn's school dress is still hanging down. The dishwasher languishes. Dust gathers. Chaos reigns.

But I just can't help it. I have found my ultimate fantasy shopping fix and it may be a while before I'm sated. Imagine Facebook with decent graphics, no spotty teenagers and a hefty dose of Net-a-porter/ other delightful shopping site.

Check it out:

Ahhhh, bliss.


MM said...

Sound brilliant! Think that I have heard of it actually, as if I need anything else to tempt me to spend money.

Also happy birthday firstborn!

YLM said...

Thank you mm. I know, the spending money thing haunts me on a daily basis. However, the beauty of this clever little site is that you can simply pretend to spend money - oddly the act of adding all these desirable things into my virtual shop has sated my desire of ownership without having to flash any cash. Genius!

YLM said...

Oh, forgot to say that you can spend money if you want to, quite easily and probably in gigantic amounts if the desire were to strike.

In my case, sadly, Alpha has put a ban on me buying anything due to the fact that I will be a wageless destitute in two short weeks, so fantasy is the only thing I have to cling on to... sob.