Friday, July 25, 2008

Obsession with Little Purses

While I think it's easy to infer my obsession with coin purses stems from my having a little daughter (with little purses of her own) this would be incorrect.

In fact, my need to have these small objects can be traced to my high-school years when I decided that carrying a purse was actually old-lady like, and if it couldn't be squeezed into a 2" x 3" piece of snappable fabric, I wasn't interested. (This has been corrected.)

And so I have collected many a tiny bag -- treasures made from reclaimed cashmere, thread-bare silk bags with needlepoint throughout, even a silk wallet I am told was carried during the Civil War in resplendent red and blue silk. Don't get me started on the mother-of-pearl Victorian calling card cases I think I hookwinked from a seller at the St. James's Church flea market when we lived in London.

And so this is why I am obsessed OBSESSED with this new little book that shows how I can actually MAKE one of these tiny treasures on my own.

Will I actually make this? I can only sigh and look at the topsy turvy pile on my desk that has collected a cobweb or two. But do I want it? OH YES.

From an economical standpoint, coin purses are the perfect accessory for these tight recession-like days. They are demure, not flashy, and carry just enough funds to buy an ice cream cone for a Rabbit and perhaps an afternoon libation for her mama.

Click and drool at will. After all, it's free.


Sugarmama said...

A little tip--you can find these books for WAY cheaper on Etsy. There are a few vendors actually in Japan selling them, and even by airmail they're a much more affordable little gift to yourself. I do love Purl, but I'll support them with my fabric buying habit rather than with my Japanese sewing book habit.

Manhattan Mama said...

Yes, so agree. Purl is way too expensive -- and after visiting them this weekend, have to add, a little on the snooty side. Gave The Rabbit the stink eye while we pick out a bit ($37 worth) of fabric. Even better spot for these books? There's a Japanese book shop near Bryant Park: Kinokuniya. They have an ocean of Japanese craft books at REAL prices. I. Love. Them.