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MM's Day Three - Credit Crunch in Gotham

I have to echo YLM's sentiments that it's hard to document spending without causing guilt to curl every time I whipped out my card. But here goes:

The day was off to a late start stalled partially by our President who decided to grace us with his Texan presence and tell us all to "turn off your air conditioners when you're not at home" as a way to temper our hideous energy/inflation/recession crisis. Let's not even talk about his story about the bank run he witnessed in Texas once. How much do I love this sad sad man. Not that much. But I seriously digress.

So The Rabbit and I took our New York Vacation today to the Empire State Building. (Subway $2). Mama's never been, and now I know why. Try 90 minutes of waiting time. For elevators. For 10 minutes of staring at my city. Yes, The Chrysler building looked cool from that height. But a word to any future tourist: BUY THE EXPRESS TICKET. I did not. This, apparently, can shave your wait time in half. But...I did buy a ticket online ($21) and The Rabbit, age 5, was free. And after 8 minutes at the top, we trucked down 86 flights (yes, elevators were used) because we were hungry.

My thoughts were to head for my favorite spot, Le Pain Quotidien on 40th Street. The All Star parade put an end to that. Apparently baseball's finest decided to eat on 40th Street today and shut the entire block down. New York's Finest in Blue (read: cops) detoured us to a spot on 42nd Street, Pret a Manger (sound familiar YLM?!) where we scarfed a chicken sandwich with mozzarella, cappuccino (Mama) and a chocolate chip cookie (Rabbit.) And two bottles of water. ($14.83). Then off to Bryant Park for a carousel ride.

Bryant Park's carousel, while not old, and not "as large as the one in Prospect Park" (as some Brooklyn-snob of a mom pronounced as she approached the glorious whirlagig) is a must for ANY visitor to New York with young kids. It's absolutely beautiful -- real metal horses, french music, lovely wrought-iron chairs to sit in to gaze as your child laughing, and even an outdoor reading room, courtesy of The New York Public Library that shares the park, with NEW childrens books, and child-sized park benches where they can read to their heart's content. It's nirvana.

I rarely see it on tourist lists. But truly. Go. And if that's not enough of a vote, then I'll just add that last time I was there with The Rabbit so was Matthew Broderick and his son (read: Sarah Jessica Parker's progency) and that should be the final push you need. The Rabbit snookered me into four rides ($8 - $2 each. Hey, it's Gotham. Carousels ain't cheap.)

I thought I was doing well, but the problem is my FAVORITE shop is just down the street - Kinokuniya, a Japanese book store that sells the most fantastic pens and paper supplies. I can't resist. Some glitter markers, a little rice glue... ($29.37). Then home (subway again, $2). Quick stop at the grocery for some cereal, ice cream, and other sundry supplies ($13.36) and after some frozen lasagna, and a little Clifford viewing, The Rabbit hit the pillow like a brick.

Total for the day: $82.56
Total for the week: $278.06

I'm so doomed.


Sugarmama said…
This is all incredibly interesting and makes me want to start auditing my own weekly expenses. But I have to ask: What the heck do you do with rice glue? Normal glue stuff or something more esoteric?

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