Monday, July 21, 2008

How Hard Is It To Write "Thank You"???

After receiving the THIRD emailed thank you note in a month (one was through Evite - I nearly yelled in horror) I have decided THIS is why the world is falling apart.

Here's the deal:

If I take the time to go and shop for a birthday present for you or your tot. Wrap it, WRITE a card, and deliver it, IN PERSON, to your home/venue, then you can take the time to WRITE A THANK YOU NOTE on a real piece of PAPER back to me. It might cost you 42 cents for the stamp. And maybe even an email to get my address. But I think that investment of time is well-worth it.

Still stymied? You are free to copy the template below and fill in the blanks:

"Dear BLANK,

I/Tot was so excited when I/Tot unwrapped the lovely BLANK. I/Tot can't wait to use/read/wear it. It was extremely thoughtful of you, and I/we thank you so much.

I am so glad you were able to come to BLANK'S party! We/I can't wait to see you again soon!

All best/Love,

Seriously. If you can type out your pin number at the ATM, you can copy my cheat sheet above. Consider this a public service. I can hear my ancestors applauding in the ether.


CDJ said...

I am SO with you on this one. I have a couple -- no more than a couple -- cousins to whose children I give birthday and Christmas gifts. And often times they don't even acknowledge that they receieved them -- either the parents or the kids. I have to send emails like "Hey... I dropped a gift for so and so in the mail last week and wanted to make sure it got there on time. Chicago mail is kind of screwy so you never know..." just to find out if my packages even arrived! UGH!!!

Manhattan Mama said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean, cdj. My own sister (whom I adore!!) is a bit thank you note challenged herself. And there are times when I have to nudge her to make sure my niece and nephew have received something. I would even take late thank-you's...I have a feeling we're the last few out there who feel this way tho!

Anonymous said...

Easy come/easy go society - whatever happened to gratitude and pay-back? Just how rude not to acknowledge a gift. How do kids know what to do? Parents have to teach them - and reinforce the lesson. Again parents - take responsibility for your kids. Surely they deserve a good start. Spread the love!
OR - do this. Send a card with a postscript saying you have included a cheque. Conveniently forget to include said cheque. Expect reply next post!!!