Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fancy Tea? Maybe Not at The Carlyle.

A dirty little secret? Manhattan Mama loves going to tea. Okay, so not that dirty of a secret.

When I lived in London, I went to many MANY tea spots. In San Francisco, ditto. In New York I've been to a few -- it's hard to find other women these days who think blowing about $40 on scones and tea is worth it. And truthfully, given the economy today, it's not really.

But oh how I love it. So a week ago, The Rabbit and a couple of her friends, were treated to tea at The Carlyle by Auntie for the hotel's Madeline Tea. Held in Bemelmans Bar, the atmosphere is glorious. The room is painted with murals by Ludwig Bemelman, the author and illustrator of the beloved Madeline books. There's a live pianist, children are ENCOURAGED to sing and dance, and they have their own pint-size tea buffet -- real tea too.

Problem is, not great on the tea situation. The kids are given chicken fingers, mac & cheese, french fries, cupcakes and jelly beans. No scones. No tea sandwiches. Yes, I understand -- 5-year-old don't jump for joy at chicken salad on white bread. But, I've made plenty of teas for my girl -- and peanut butter and jelly, cheese -- all slice up nicely in quarter size sandwiches. And kids LOVE scones. (who doesn't love clotted cream?)

I even ordered my own tea -- scones arrived. Mama can do better.

Anyone out there love tea too? Would be thrilled to get some suggestions....


Sugarmama said...

Big fan of tea over here, though that definitely puts me in the minority among my coffee-swilling friends. I love a latte if I'm out, but first thing in the morning I have a nice big mug of assam. Our (one and only!) local gourmet market sells very good loose teas and is staffed by very knowledgeable tea drinkers to boot.

zplus10mom said...

I love tea - especially a good cream tea! Like you said, who can resist clotted cream. However, it can be hard to find in Florida. If you're ever on vacation in the land of The Mouse the tea at the Grand Floridian is almost as good as Bonnet tea house in Felixstowe in Suffolk. Hard to beat that one.

Manhattan Mama said...

Love the suggestion zplus! Thank you! Always adore a new tea place to try. Will note both The Floridian and Bonnet. :)