Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day Two - MM's New York Vacation

In fairness to me, I had forgotten when I agreed to Tally week that The Rabbit was off from camp this week. And I had promised her a New York vacation. The rules are very simple -- we must not do anything we have ever done before, and we must try and act silly like tourists.

It's already been great fun for Day One. But the problem is, of course, we are going to spend way more than a normal week's tally of a few cappuccinos and some ice creams from the Mr. Softee truck.

But again, perhaps this may give visitors an idea of what it almost does cost to come -- minus, of course, the hotel room!

So let's see. We started the morning by running to the post office to mail grandma (that would be my mother) her birthday present and buying a few 1 cent stamps. Postage recently went up and I am too stingy to toss the 41 cent stamps I have still. ($1.71).

Then today's adventure was to see the new Kit Kittridge movie (which needs its own post -- SO GOOD. Anyone with a 5+ year old daughter -- RUN. GO SEE THIS MOVIE. And I hate the American Girl chain. HATE IT. But loved this movie.). Caught the bus ($2.00, Rabbit free) and then grabbed a quick lunch before the flick -- sandwich, soup, bottled water ($12.86). Then picked up tickets bought on Fandango.com (Attention Fandango CEO: You have VERY RUDE customer service people...$23.50, yes for one adult & one child.) Snacks? A necessity. One box Skittles, one small bag popcorn. ($9.50).

After the movie we decided to wander home. Walk streets we didn't know very well. Stop and check out gardens. Unusual doorways. Spotted a Weeping Willow tree. In Manhattan. In the East Village. Super cool. (Free!) But after 35 minutes, one five-year-old had grown grumpy, hot and needed a snack. We ducked into a favorite cafe which we HAD gone to before, but we love. Cappuccino, glass of milk, chocolate croissant and bread for dinner. ($13)

And then we tucked into some books when we came home, stopped at the neighbors for a cupcake (free for us!), some tortellini from fridge, and off to sleep.

Damage? $62.57
Damage from 2 days? $195.50.

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