Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day two: the credit crunch bloglog continues

Today was fairly tame by normal spending standards.

I worked from home this morning so forfeited my usual 10am gigantic Starbucks mocha light frappucino (a saving of £3.45! Yay!). Grabbed lunch at Pret a Manger which I sadly didn't have time to finish as went from a conference call to a meeting, then on to drinks (paid for by my client, thankfully), then popped in to the supermarket on my way home to purchase cigarettes and chocolate to add to the candy jar (yes, I am still a teenager at heart.) I haven't added in the travel costs as I used my prepaid Tube card.

Today's tally was a very respectable £11.43. Can't say that I got much for that tenner, though admittedly the cigs took up half the daily spend (why is it that the naughty things are so much fun?)


Manhattan Mama said...

How much I LOVE the names of British chocolates. Flakes. LOVE that.

Anonymous said...

Your Sainsbury's bill is a disgrace YLM. You have wasted almost a tenner on junk. Must have been a Midsummer Madness blip.

YLM said...

Hi MM - I will send you some. They are delicious. And very flakey. Hence the name.

Anon - Mum, is that you? I recognise that tone. I'll be having words with you later.