Monday, July 14, 2008

Day One - Hole In My Pocket

Some how I understood our spending diary to start today -- Sunday. And so in the spirit of true confessions, I decided to just start and spill.

Day started off very well -- stayed indoors to fight the retched humidity and so spending was nil. Of course there is the tiny expense of electricity for blasting our non-green air conditioners all day through, but I'll add that in later this week when I gear up for checking the bill.

But by the end of the evening, we decided we needed out and needed NOT to cook a meal indoors. And so off we went: dinner at our favorite restaurant, Schiller's where Mama got a very needed glass of Sangria, and The Prince a couple of beers. After? Ice creams! And then to the drug store to search for water guns (very serious item needed for holding own on playground) and finding many school supplies needed for September's Back To School list already sent by The Rabbit's soon-to-be First Grade teacher.

Grand Total for the few hours out in Gotham? A stellar $132.93.
Not seeing how I'm going to even fall close to this average....

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