Friday, July 18, 2008

Day 5: where YLM searched for financial enlightenment and succeeded only in sending herself to sleep

Oh, will this experiment never end... I am starting to bore myself with having to confront the evidence of my dreary daily routine. Bankruptcy is starting to look like an attractive alternative to penny-pinching penury.

Questions I need to ask myself:

  1. Why do I never go anywhere except for Pret-a-Manger, Starbucks and the newsagent on the way home from work?
  2. Why do I eat and drink the same things every single day?Also, why do I rarely eat anything fruit-like during daylight hours?
  3. Why do I smoke so much? It's not like I have the excuse of the foolishness of youth anymore.
  4. Why isn't this the week that I'm doing something glamorous or even vaguely interesting? I do go out sometimes, honestly!
  5. Is the moon made of cheese? And if so, what kind (because if it's Gorgonzola I'm really not interested)?
  6. Does my hugely expensive flight to LA count for Saturday's blog post? I bought it a while ago but surely I can add it in just for a smidgen of added interest? Yes, no?

Total for the day: a virtuous £12.22 (yawn)

Just overheard the presenter on BBC News 24 say "saving is the new splurge." What?

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