Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day 4: Where MM Tightens the Reigns

So today was New York Vacation Day 3/Credit Crunch Day 4.

Finally, today, I spent a realistic amount -- and even had some candy thrown in.

On our Third day of vacation, The Rabbit and I invited her great-aunt to join us at the Liberty Science Center. Despite it being fun to have her there, this was also a smart move as she has a car -- and could DRIVE us to our destination. (No subway, bus...)

Auntie paid for the parking (another savings), a kindness The Rabbit and I returned by paying for her admission to the center. One adult, one child, one teacher (she's a professor): $32.25.

Within 30 minutes of arriving I started to have that insane food attack. I had to eat. We made our way to the lunch counter where lunch was treated upon us. Lovely, and very kind. (and helped with our weekly tally!)

We stayed hours today. It's a fantastic place, and while not an easy spot to get for tourists (It's off the Turnpike, in New Jersey. Not exactly a subway ride away), I highly recommend it. Of course a visit to the gift shop was required on the way out. The Rabbit inspected each and every toy in the cavernous spot, at one point considering a $100 collapsible ball. (Yes, a No would have been delivered if she had set on it.) Finally, the prize: a bubble-blower. My sensible girl. Mama threw in some candy and $8.15 later we were done for the day.

Total for the day: $40.40
Total for the week: $318.46

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