Friday, July 18, 2008

Day 4 - MM's Credit Crunch

So The Rabbit and I had decided by yesterday that vacations are a little more exhausting than we thought. Plus it was just too damn hot.

So we spent almost the entire day doing projects in the house and running a couple of basic errands: buying razor blades, picking up dry cleaning, grabbing ingredients for cookies. ($37.16) A fairly mundane day not barely worth blogging about. The only interesting part came when I realized a quart (NOT half-gallon) of milk clocked in at $2.69!!! (Oh, and that the skim milk I bought had ALREADY BEEN OPENED. A discovery I found when I reached for it this morning for my coffee. Gross.

When the Prince got home last night about 8 pm, the idea of cooking was not breaking into my brain and so I did order him takeout from Schiller's: burger, sauteed broccoli, fries. ($22 with tip).

And so yesterday's tally: $59.16
Tally for the week: $377.62

Stay tuned for today's results. A babysitter, night out with The Prince. Scary numbers sure to come. Plus this weekend I'll dive in and actually tally (minus housing) what we're spending on basics: electricity, phone, cable, insurance....ugh.

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