Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Banning Dreamworks and its Animated Attitude

Oh you know what I'm talking about. The hand goes on the hip, the head tilts, and then the eyes, in tandem, are rolled back in the head ending with a sneer that sends the blood spurting northward into your brain like an oil spurt.

My daughter, the 5-year-old, has mastered it.

Do you know where she's discovered this delightful tick? From all the cute furry animals in all the lovely Dreamworks/Pixar flicks where they toss off one-liners so that the parents shuttling their tots don't get bored.

Guess what - I'm not bored. I'm fed up. Yes, that was the sound of my rolling MY eyes.

Last week I took The Rabbit instead to Kit Kittridge. Sure, it sounded like an advertorial for the American Girl brand. But guess what -- it wasn't. No dolls in the movie. Just a really great script, stellar acting (Stanley Tucci, Wallace Shawn, Julia Ormand, a FEMALE director), a wonderful timely story about a little girl and her family during the depression, and not an eye roll in sight.

I fully recommend this flick to anyone. The Rabbit asked to see it again before the credits stopped, and I loved it enough to possibly indulge her. And just think, I don't have to spend the next month fielding jokes about body parts or odors, nor snarky sasses that emanate from the mouth of a hippo to a lion.

Shrek? Bleck.

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