Thursday, June 26, 2008

Roused myself earlier to do a bit of blog maintenance (sadly, a rare occurance these days due to my life being a hectic whirl of hobnobbing with c'lebs, manicures, personal shopper appointments etc .... cue hollow laugh... sigh). OK, the truth is that I am generally useless but who knew how much fun there is to be had from a humble stat counter?

Anyway, today's exciting discovery is that there are heaps of random google searches out there leading people to this blog. My favorites:

1. "Alpha Male Annoying"
2. "one percocet a day"
3. "I hate Tiscali"
4. "What's wrong with porn?"
5. "screwing up is a virtue"
6. "postmodern prayer"
7. "why is my toddler obsessed with Cinderella?"

So, if you've arrived here through random Google fate, really hope it's what you're looking for.
Incidentally, we can provide advice or agreement upon request on almost all of the search topics above except for number 2... after all, who needs drugs when you have a toddler in the house?


Britt said...

haha, great blog. i am also a mama on the constant verge of nervous breakdown. zoloft helps. hehehe.

YLM said...

Hi Britt, Zoloft? What is this miracle substance? Must Google it -Positive Mental Attitude no longer works and the only other alternative (huge vats of wine) is not always practical...