Friday, May 09, 2008

Is anyone else weirded out about Heath Ledger Batman dolls doing a brisk trade on eBay? The dolls are changing hands for over six times the £5 RRP. Odd? Certainly. A touch macabre? I think so.

The latest in the Batman stable,'The Dark Knight' is due to be released this summer. The merchandising has, of course, started to crank up already - Batman figures usually sell well but sales for the early release figures are rocketing. Possibly fuelled by the lure of a recently-departed star, the Heath/Joker dolls flying off the shelves.

Such is consumer demand the toys, currently only available in the US, are going for multiples of the $9.99 store price. When I last looked the highest bid on stands at £31 plus P&P £7.50 - a staggering $75 - with another 17 hours of frenzied bidding to go.

We live in a very strange world.

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