Thursday, May 01, 2008

Funny how the weather affects the mood (and manners) of Londoners.

Today, for the third day in a row, it is tipping down. Properly raining, the sort of downpour that leaves you soaked to the bone if you are foolish enough to leave home without an umbrella.

Commuters seem to be most affected, or at least it seems this way by the way they behave. Tube etiquette (for what it is) is abandoned and the concept of 'every man for himself' is the order of the day. Pushing, shoving and muttered curses become the norm as dripping City boys and other office drones express their inner rage - all caused by sodden trouser hems and flattened hair. Umbrellas are used as lethal weapons as people barge their way out of train carriages. Briefcases become battering rams. Anyone unwise enough to walk at the sort of pace that being soggy from head to toe necessitates are side-swiped with added scorn.

It's like the Lord of the Flies in London this week. I beseech you, avoid at all costs if you can.

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