Friday, April 18, 2008

Show & Tell

The Rabbit had Show and Tell this morning and there was never a doubt as to what she would "show:" her secret pink suitcase that I'm not allowed to look inside.

The back story on this item is that a week or so ago I found foil wrappers from chocolate Easter eggs in the kitchen and her bedroom, and when I asked her whether she had eaten them she said "No!" smiling from ear to ear in the sign I recognized from my own childhood as "Oh yeah! I'm lyin!"

And so a big cry fest began where Mama discussed how people don't lie to each other in this house, and The Rabbit fought me that she WASN'T lying but she didn't know how the pink foil got under her bed and the chocolate on her face. (Which means she hasn't mastered that first rule of subterfuge: hide the evidence.)

It dawned on me that perhaps she needed a place where she could "allowably" lie. IE, a place where she could keep secrets from me.

So I broke into my stash of favorite treasures, and pulled out a pink cardboard suitcase (Yes, this is a treasure to me.) and gave it to her. The joy and jumping was immediate. She wrote on the box (in permanent marker, mind you): Secret Box. Don't Open It. And then filled it with....I don't know!

She stowed the suitcase behind the Lego's -- and showed me the spot so I would know where I COULD NOT LOOK. And then when The Prince came home, promptly showed him -- AND the contents.

Aha. See where I'm going? The Secret Box? A secret from MAMA. My Rabbit. Five going on Fifteen.

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Anonymous said...

...and she loves you Mama
...trusts you too